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       You can view a list of all the Gharani over here. Just click on the gharane name in the left column, to view the family tree. (AapNa yaoqao GaraNyaaMcaI yaadI pahU Sakta.DavaIkDIla GaraNyaacyaa naavaavar i@lak kra va         ]javaIkDo %yaa GaraNyaatIla naavao pha.)

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Site Updated on Bharatiya Saur Magha 13, Shake 1939 ● 2nd February 2018   

 A genealogical study of a family is but one chapter in the history of the country it comes from. History is important, not only for the events to be proud of, but also for those to be sorry for. It is important for us to know what our forefathers were, but equally important for us, to hand down to the generations to come, information about their forefathers. That is why, 41 years after the first edition (1952 ), Bhaskar S. Kelkar, Govind R. Kelkar and Yashwant S. Kelkar, undertook the work of 2nd edition. And now almost 10 years after the publication of its printed edition in (1993),  we are coming to you, in this modern form of communication, to reach you wherever you are, all around the world.