A humble request to all Kelkar's 

Dear Kelkars,

       Many of you visit our home for the darshan of Devi Bandijai, throughout the year. Many visit during the Navratri Utsav. In olden days most of the brahmans were thriving on Bhikshuki. i.e.their household ran on the offerings offered before the deity they worshiped. It was a common practice as worshiping was their "Vrutti" or profession in today's lingo.

       Now the times have changed. Most of the brahmans are doing their own separate professions or are doing service. Service to the GOD is no more their "Vrutti". At our place also, I am a doctor by profession. My wife also is a doctor and is doing service. The idol of the Kuldevi of all Kelkar's is at our home. We do not have any public Mandir neither have any intention to create one in future. Whatever we have is our personal private place of worship in our home.

       We respect the feelings of all the Kelkars for darshan of Devi bandijai and so always welcome all Kelkars at our home. Whatever offerings are placed before the Devi are the property of the God and we do not use it for ourselves. So we have decided to respectfully return the offerings to the persons bringing them as "Prasad". We request all to co-operate in this gesture.

          Actually we must get practical with the changing times. To recognise the god in each person and to improve one-to-one relationship is the need of the time. It is our own "self " (Soul), which is a miniature imprint of GOD in each individual. So instead of offering things and money in front of idols, if we just pray from the bottom of our soul, it is sufficient. But we seldom find time to search our own soul, and so we try to resort to the shortcuts like offerings by way of material things. There is a saying which tells us to donate to the real needy.

          I am in no way any authority in the field of philosophy nor spirituality. But still I dare to make a suggestion.

         Those who wish to offer anything to GOD, should pray before the GOD, make any resolution in their own minds as per their wish and then donate the same in cash or kind to the real needy. I am sure this type of offering will definitely reach the GOD and will be appreciated by him. Here are few names of some organisations, which are doing the real work of GOD, and really need donations for their work. Alternatively you can send it to Dhokamale for the renovation of the Temple of Kuldevata.

1. Shri. Vasudev kelkar Guruji,

    At Post Dhokamale, District Ratnagiri.

2. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram

3. Dr. Prakash Aamte's Lok Biradari Prakalp at Hemalkasa, 

    Post Bhamragad, Taluka Etapally, District Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.

4. Baba Aamte's Anadvan near Chandrapur, maharashtra.

5. Child relief And You (CRY) at mumbai.

6. National Association for Blind (NAB) at Mumbai.

There are many more and you can definitely add to this list for benefit of all.

Apart from this updation & maintainance of our website requires funds. you can donate for this work to Kelkar kulvruttanta Samiti.

Thank you all,

Dr. Prasanna Kelkar 

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