(A  Geneological  account  of  Kelkarís)


                          Idol of God  Someshwar         

Location of God Someshwar's Temple

At & Post Village : Someshwar

(About 13 Km. From Ratnagiri, Kokan )

District :-  Ratnagiri

State :-  Maharashtra  

Mode Of Transport

By Road :- S.T. / Private Buses / Rickshaw or jeep from Ganapatipule.

By Rail :- Kokan Railway;   

Nearest  station : - Ratnagiri.

Historical Background

About 600 yrs. Old Temple built in Basalt (Jambha ) stone. 




       The village is named after the temple of Shiva called 'Someshwar' situated in the heart of the village. There is an interesting story about Someshwar Temple. Before this temple was built, there was a very thick jungle. A cow used to pour down her milk at a particular point in the jungle. When it was noticed that the cow was not giving milk to her owner, he found out about the place and a hidden 'Pindi' of God Shiva. The owner of the cow informed this to all the villagers and the temple was constructed at the same place at around 600 years ago and the renovation was done in 17th century. There is no other so big & old temple around Someshwar village within 150 Km of circumference. The Temple is built of Basalt stone (Jambha). The compound wall of the temple is around 15 ft. in height. There are 3 halls ('Sabhamandap') around 'Gabhara'. The ceiling of the temple is wooden and is carved beautifully. In each of the hall there are 4 wooden pillars. There are 6 tall 'Deepmalas' made of stone in front of the main hall.

       'Someshwar' is 'kuladaiwat' of 'Kelkar' families. In the premises of Someshwar Temple, a temple of Ravalnath is also present. The festival of MahaShivaratri is held in the temple every year which lasts for 2 days. 

     The other public temples in village Someshwar include temples of Goddesses 'Bharadi', 'Bandijai' and 'Vithaladevi', God Grampaleshwar. There are private temples of lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Datta.             

       Someshwar trust celebrates'Shimga'(Holi) every year. One more interesting fact about Someshwar Village is that, one of the daughters in laws of the great 'Peshva' who reigned Maharashtra belonged to this village and hence Peshvas had built a small arch footbridge in the village which is known by locals as 'Cholicha parhya' and still can be seen. A resident of Someshwar village, Late Vithal Hari Limaye was appointed as chief justice in Miraj State in 19th century. He was very brilliant and he became for famous for his justice. He had built 3 storey house in the small village which is now occupied by his legal heirs.